Transfer lists
  • Generate a detailed list of private and/or shuttle reservations based on the date and airport selected.

  • ASTRA will group transfer reservations that are arriving or departing at similar times.

  • ASTRA will zone reservations to maximise vehicle efficiency and passenger waiting times, therefore reducing costs, errors and administration.

  • Produce departure pickup times based on reservation resort and hotel locations.

  • Send driver services and with one click transport providers can confirm their acceptance of the services.

  • Confirmation from transport providers is automatically shown on the transfer lists.

Passenger tracking
  • Customers arrival times registered and uploaded directly into the reservation in ASTRA.

  • The time that vehicles leave the airport is registered, allowing customer waiting times to be logged and reviewed.

  • The passenger tracking facility is a brilliant tool for understanding and improving the customer experience.

  • With flight delays and cancellations common, be safe in the knowledge that you have a complete record of each customer's arrival, their vehicle and their departure time from the airport.

  • Considerably reduce the amount of chargebacks when clients claim they have had excessive waiting time at the airport.

Integrated FlightView application
  • World's most comprehensive flight status database.

  • Delivers real-time flight tracking.

  • Automatic amendment of incorrect flight times.

  • Query flight numbers, flight times direct with your agents.

  • Data for an individual flight, all flights or flights to/from a specific airport.

XML booking integration
  • XML loading in bulk or individually.

  • Automatic XML loading via email.

  • Reservation and amendments loaded without manual input.

  • ASTRA can create XML files directly from your email bookings.

Email hotel and agent pick up times
  • Email pickup details for all daily departure transfers to hotel/accommodation groups with only a few clicks.

  • Your customers and agents will never need to call again!

  • Ability to add a “pickup note” to a booking, this is emailed along with the pickup details for a particular reservation.

CSV processor
  • Custom CSV Processor allows bookings to be uploaded in any format.

  • Select your agent, upload their reservations for a particular date, or range of dates.

  • The custom CSV Processor really does allow maximum flexibility to ensure you can smoothly integrate your reservations with ASTRA.

User access control
  • Secure user access control, allows managers to allocate system functions, granting access to users and what they can see and edit.
  • Full control over users access by systems administrator.
  • Individual user permission based control.
  • Unlimited users, add as many staff members as you like.
Secure cloud hosted server
  • Fully managed, secure, cloud hosting service with SSL certified encryption.

  • Multiple high speed, efficient, state of the art servers located in multiple countries.

  • Always online, always available with guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

  • FREE automated weekly backups of your complete system, all your data fully secured.

  • Produce accurate invoices for a selected date range at the click of a button.

  • An Excel export provides an invoice and list of reservations which can then be emailed direct to your agency clients.

  • Reduce human error from your payment process, with the ability to export an agent invoice for any selected date range.

Upload API pick up times
  • Using ASTRA´s configured API (application programming interface), pickup details can be uploaded to agency websites.

  • ASTRA API provides the pickup location and time for all confirmed departure transfers for the select agent.

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